The founders of the company are qualified engineers who have in their assets several projects and constructions both inside and outside Greece.

Our human resources consist of experienced engineers of various specialties that rely on the use of technology, monitor its evolution, and have the ability to perform large-scale projects of top quality, meeting the most demanding specifications.

The company MF Technik INTL consists of architects, designers, and engineers, with many years of design and construction experience.

Young people with a common vision and passion for creation, work every day for the best possible result. The purpose of the team is the perfect and complete approach of each project, respecting the requirements and needs of the client.

The MF Technik INTL team, as an active and flexible unit, develops its members and enriches its potential with new partners, constantly increasing its dynamics. Our company is also supported by a team of trusted external partners and co-workers.

«A building can have integrity just like a human. And it is just as rare. » (Ayn Rand)