MF Technik INTL was founded to combine architectural creation with functionality, quality, and sustainability. It is based in Athens and Crete and is active in the field of design and construction of buildings and facilities with special emphasis on hotel units.

Our philosophy is the satisfaction of the individual needs of the user while highlighting the peculiarities of each natural and cultural environment.

Our solutions are distinguished by innovation, uniqueness, and character. We reject ephemeral trends and easy impressions based on the composition of an aesthetic resistant to time, with bold vocabulary that maintains human qualities in morphology, scale, and materials.

We are experienced engineers specializing in the completion of multifaceted projects including research, architectural design, supervision, and construction. Our field of specialization ranges from the construction of hotels to the restoration and remodeling of traditional estates, shops, and corporate facilities.

Our workplace starts with technical research (architectural, static, electromechanical, etc.) and ends with their application with the required precision. Also, we can provide our customers with all the registered facilities specifically for their needs and the corresponding specifications, regarding the electromechanical networks, such as CCTV, Access Control, BMS, Data-Voice, RTV, Audio-Visual systems and more. Besides, our permanent cooperation with branded suppliers provides high-quality standards in interior design and construction.

Adopting a wide range of modern practices, we utilize the rich sources of mild forms of energy available in the country, incorporating elements of bioclimatic and environmental architecture. At the same time, the company’s activities included the study and supervision of building installations as well as new constructions or renovations of houses and shops.

«We shape our buildings, then they shape us. »   (Sir Winston Leonard Churchill)


MF Technik INTL was founded by A. Fouloulis & C. Makris and has a significant presence in Greece and abroad. The philosophy of MF Technik INTL is based on the search for the new as well as the pursuit of high quality in any project we undertake.

Through the fruitful exchange of ideas and opinions between the members of our company, we respond to every challenge with responsibility, consistency, and creative mood.

The diverse activity of MF Technik INTL and its members includes work on behalf of mainly Greek (but also foreign) public and private organizations, as well as collaborations with regional government agencies, municipalities, and of course individuals.

The perfect scientific and technical infrastructure and know-how of MF Technik INTL in combination with the long experience of its members ensure the successful treatment of any project regardless of its size or requirements.

In the long course of the experience of its executives, the company has constructed a multitude of projects successfully and acquired a high level of organization, for the best service of its customers. With constant vigilance we follow the new architectural trends and the new materials, investing in the further upgrade of the constructions according to the modern building requirements.

The results of our continuous effort are the recognition of our works, not only by our customers but also through publications in architectural publications.

«Simplicity is the perfect harmony of the beautiful, the use the accurate. »   (Frank Lloyd Wright)